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Correction Policies Thesis Statements

1. In 21 century correction policy is driven by economic considerations. A large number of prisoners are released because of the restrictions of states budgets. This generates public anger and impacts the social stability of the country.

2. The American nation does not tend to learn from the past experience when it comes to correlations practices. That is why it is important to consider using practices that are declining in popularity. This will help to decline the violent crime rates in the country.

3. Compared with 20 century the crimes have dropped dramatically, however, there is still room for improvements. We have to synchronize correlations with others countries that have low incarceration rate such as Japan, Canada, France. This will help to decrease the economic impact of correction policy.

4. By 2012 the country has experienced a decline in the use of incarceration. There are a number of reasons this decline is attributed to such as legalization of marijuana, the decline in tax revenues and increased debts.

5. There is a promising trend that prisons will soon be reserved only for serious offenders. This will help not only to save the financial resources of the government but also make the punishment system fairer.

6. According to the report of NPR, nearly 8 percent of all inmates in prisons are held in private prisons (Stohr 331). However, private prisons do not provide any economic benefits because they are more expensive to operate compared with state prisons.

7. Privatization of the punishment system might have a number of consequences such as the increase of the level of corruption. This basically might happen because of the low level of professionalism. Corruption and unprofessionalism can be defined as the main reasons why private prisons cannot be considered as a solution to the problem of high rate of …

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