Criminal Justice example

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Criminal Justice

Information is the key concept of the 21st century. It is a powerful instrument that is used in the overwhelming majority of spheres. However, information can also be a dangerous weapon directed to certain targets.The question of obtaining information is an important issue. The Internet has brought considerable advances in this problem. Great volumes of information are easily obtainable nowadays. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Its main advantage is its convenience. When a person needs to get some data urgently, it is the best solution to use the Internet.

At the same time, it serves as a convenient means of conveying relevant news online, which can also be treated as an instrument of obtaining information easily. Besides, there is an option of searching necessary fragments in the mass of obtainable information. As for the disadvantages of easily obtainable information, research skills of a person are minimized or even lost when he/she constantly gets information without any efforts. Alongside this, another disadvantage is connected with the availability of information of a vital or sensitive character. Personal information often pertains to this category, and people can really suffer from this availability (HubPages, 2012).Social media are considered to be one of the most quick, effective, and convenient means of conveying and obtaining information. There is a great variety of social networks nowadays. All of them are characterized by the same pros and cons.

The most vivid advantage of social media is their popularity. People of different age, race, social status, political views, and even religious beliefs have their accounts on this or that social networking website. It allows communicating, entertaining, and exchanging information. More than that, communication through social media is free, and a person does not need to spend dollars to pay for telephone calls. Another advantage of social networks is the possibility to use them for developing businesses by means of building a community of customers and fans, and by advertizing.As for the disadvantages of social media, unverified and unconfirmed information often appears there. People post pieces of information without knowing whether these are true or not, without verifying it in reliable sources. Apart from this, social media sometimes serve as places for uniting dangerous groups of people, for instance, criminals, sectarians, separatists, terrorists, religious zealots, and so on. One more disadvantage of social media is cyber bullying. Words, pictures, collages, motifakes, videos, and other tools are used to abuse both children and adults (HubPages, 2012).Taking into account the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of social media, one can change his/her views concerning the use of social networks. First of all, despite the popularity of social media, it might be reasonable to differentiate between reliable sources of information and websites with unverified information.

Besides, people should be more attentive about groups and communities available in social media, since they may be dangerous. Finally, one might choose favorite websites and even favorite accounts that are …

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