Police Officers and Mental Pressure During an Interrogation example

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Police Officers and Mental Pressure During an Interrogation



Police pressure is a legal process that allows the police officers to use the mental pressure on during an interrogation. As a matter of fact, it is possible to see in the movies that police officers offer a deal, argue
that they have evidence, fingerprints, witnesses, and other factors that could prove that a suspect is guilty. Therefore, he or she would agree to cooperate with the law enforcement in order to achieve a sort of
compromise. In other words, it is a psychological pressure that is approved by law and sometimes in order to save time and innocent lives, the police officers are allowed to use the pressure in order to prevent wasting of
time and resources that are essential. It is a common practice and it could not harm people in any way because a perpetrator has certain rights that could not be violated. Nonetheless, police coercion is an illegal way of
interrogation that actually applies the usage of psychical force, torture, verbal offenses, and other methods that could break personality and ability to think clearly. In fact, it is illegal to use the coercion, as there are
a lot of international agreements about the human rights, the prohibition of tortures, and other methods that could cause the loss of dignity and sanity.


For instance, there is a movie called Prisoners (2013) with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. The last actor portrays the police officer who searches for the lost girls. In one scene he interrogates the suspect; however, there is not much time for the officer to be calm. Therefore, he uses the physical force in order to receive the information about girls' location. Nonetheless, his actions are illegal and he is stopped by his colleagues. However, it raises the question of whether it is appropriate to have certain exceptions. Even under these conditions, it is inappropriate to torture people.

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