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Critical Analysis of Tedbaker's Website

Executive Summary

The Tedbaker website, located at is an information website for one of the leading lifestyle brands in the UK. The primary objective of the website is to promote the wide range of apparel and accessories offered by the company. The following discussion is an analysis of the role of Web Analytics and Business Intelligence in defining objectives and metrics for business success.

The inherent linkage and interplay of variables between Business Intelligence and Web Analytics is discussed in detail based on expert insights. Further, the role of the web analytics process is elucidated through a framework which can be used to define goals and objectives, supported by calls-to-action and key performance indicators (KPIs). The framework which serves as a measurement criteria is discussed with respect to the various aspects of the TedBaker website.

Subsequently, the linkage between Business Intelligence and Web Analytics as it has unraveled in the past is discussed by outlining the traditional role of Business Intelligence System and comparing the purpose served by them with the Web Analytics tools available.

The various functions accomplished by the Business Intelligence and Web Analytics methods are discussed, and the different aspects of a data-driven culture and for organizational success is described. Lastly, the need for correlating objectives to the metrics function of an organization is described since the benefits derived by the organization from this strategy result in potential marketing performance improvement.


Tedbaker features a wide selection of merchandise for both men and women. The products offered online as part of the e-commerce portal are comprehensive, targeting a wide market and spanning a number of domains. The website offers a wide selection of informal and casual wear, work wear, swim wear, active wear, and wedding wear for both men and women. Accessories in the form of shoes, belts, wallets, bags, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, socks, gloves, hats, and luggage are offered online for sale. Tedbaker also offers unique collections and gifts, in addition to bed linen, tableware, home fragrance, stationery, audio, gifts and rugs. Besides offering information about products, Tedbaker also makes them available for online sales through e-commerce. Customers can add items to their shopping cart or maintain a wish list. Items are available as part of different categories with a preview image, available colors, and associated pricing. Ted Baker, London also allows users to search for a specific item through a search facility which is available at the top of the website window. Every item available for sale is accompanied by Add to Bag and Add to Wish list buttons to allow users to add them to the shopping cart or the wish list respectively. Users can view policies pertaining to the delivery and returns of the items available through the website. They can also check store availability for every item and also check more details related to the materials used and care procedures for available items. The Ted Baker website also …

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