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Danielson Evaluation Framework: The Action Plan

Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching is an indispensable tool and a guideline for teachers who seek for enhancement of their professional development. To boost the effectiveness of the lessons, the author of the book suggests the teachers to orientate themselves at four key principles of conducting lessons that are the pillars of the successful and active education process. It mentions numerous domains, components, and elements comprising the foundation of evaluation instrument of classroom lessons and activities. The Evaluation Framework by Charlotte Danielson is a great contribution to the precise tools for teacher evaluation and thus serve as a guiding principle of my lesson planning.

To conduct a successful lesson, firstly it is crucial to follow the first domain that has planning and preparation at its core. Demonstrating deep insight of content and pedagogy, as well as knowledge of resources, a teacher elaborates the coherent instructions for the lesson, devises the detailed plan of the classroom activities, and demonstrating the knowledge of the students, sets the instructional outcomes and designs the principles of the student assessment.

As a teacher, I have to demonstrate that I am fully aware of the student’s skills, knowledge, and general proficiency in the issue that is discussed during the lesson. If I take into account the interests of students, their social and economic background, as well as their cultural heritage, the lesson effectively serves for everyone present in class.

The second domain that has to be taken into account is concerned with the classroom environment. Being a psychologist, a professional teacher acts in a non-intrusive kind of way, thus I will softly create the environment of respect and rapport between me and my students. The crucial factors here are predominantly the nurturing of the culture of learning to make sure that all students are involved in the lesson and take an active participation in the classroom activities and procedures. As a teacher, I also have to note the current issues concerned with the student’s behavior, managing all situations that emerge during the class, but my first and foremost goal is to prevent them.

The active part of the lesson is regarded by the third domain elaborated by Charlotte Danielson. As it deals with instruction, the main guidelines of the domain a teacher follows are the extensive use of questioning and discussion techniques to ensure the successful communication with the students. The most crucial aim of the education is to engage the students in learning, thus as a teacher I have to demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness, creating an atmosphere of vitality and overall involvement of the learners in the class activities. The students should be aware of my expectations from them, receiving from me detailed explanations of content and directions for classroom activities. My main goal is to provide feedback to students for them to know their strong sides and drawbacks to work on.

Concerning the out-of-class activities that engage every teacher into his/her professional development, it is utterly important to contribute to one’s responsibilities …

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