Early Education Case Study example

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Early Education Case Study


The child that has participated in this study is named Noah. He is four year old and lives with his mother and father as well as two siblings, older and younger ones. The names of his parents are Ronan and Arnona. Both
of them are educators. The religion that is worshipped within the family is Islam. Currently, the child is not going to school; yet, the parents are already preparing for this important step. Through the analysis of the theories of early child development and actual observation of the child the paper will discuss the level of development reached by the child and determine the possible perspectives regarding his future.

Physical Development

Arnold Resell has developed the maturational theory in which he identified the role of nature and heredity in the development of the child (Berk, 2009). Still, there is a long-lasting debating over the biological and social factors that are influencing the development of the child. Resell asserts that the environment or nurture is considered to be the contributions factor in the development of the child (Berk, 2009). Resell asserts that the psychological development of the child depends greatly on the caregivers’ efforts and the environment, whereas the physical one is determined by the genetics mainly (Berk, 2009). At the same time, he believed that nature was responsible for the physical characteristics of the child such as eyes, hair and moving capabilities as well. Gesell
collected normative data on the few important aspects related to the children development and presented the table of the developmental events.

Another theory of cognitive development has been suggested by Erik Erikson who has stressed that the psychological development of the child occurs during the life span. He asserts that there are basically eight
steps of development. The early development of the child involves only three of them (Berk, 2009). At the first one lasting from the birth to 18 month the child is surviving the psychological crisis when they learn to
trust or mistrust. At this stage the child starts to move and becomes more mobile. To develop trust, the children should be surrounded by the attentive and supportive care. If they are distressed they should be calmed
by the caregivers (Berk, 2009). Another stages that lasts from 18 months to three years contributes to the development of the motor and mental skills of the child. Children are physically independent and are capable …

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