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Translating Learning Research Into Practice


Learning is an endless process that encompasses the continuous acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, being taught or experience, learning is an active activity which should be experienced by everybody. The growing number of available information on various sectors of our life makes the learning activity to be a continuous process because everyone can access all information as they require. Though there is enough information available to be learned there is a need for thorough research to be undertaken systematically in order to come out with a clear and valid conclusion. Translating Learning Research Into PracticeThough research based on learning has grown very well, the capability to stay focused on research and translating it into teaching practice seems less sufficient.

This is a critical issue in Education psychology, and it need to be addressed in a manner that will provide long-lasting solutions, to solve this issue there are critical issues that need to be addressed. The first being, the kind of leadership needed in an institution that can help to put learning research into practice? Does constant practice make a research perfect? What can encourage students to develop time to devote to research and put it into practice? Can discussions with students provide a solution? Can online resources provide just in time support? In answering those pertinent questions, there is a need to look at studies and research that have been carried out by various authors.In some extent the leadership can help students put learning research into practice, Persistence and good parenting can improve the performance of the student. According to (Brigham Young university, 2014) study conducted by Professors, Laura Padilla, Walker and Randal Day they concluded that grown-up children learn persistence from fathers.

This validates the point that there must be an authoritative leadership to compel students to put learning research into practice; authoritative parenting is good for molding children into persistent teenagers and adults in whatever they do. The school leadership also shapes the character of a student, when a student encounter with a teacher or a professor with good quality leadership skills he or she conduct will be an influence and the attitude and approach to the issues might change drastically. To develop best students, parents and teachers ought to provide exemplary performance and show perfect leadership and when that is applied it will translate well to the performance of a student.

Some people say practice makes perfect but according to study by (Western Reserve University, 2014) the study found that it takes more than practice to excel, Macnamara and her colleagues found that only 12% explained practice in mastering skills in various fields such as sports, music or education. So it means that practice alone is not enough in perfecting your work as a student, there are a lot of factors still important in translating learning research into practice. According to Macnamara, there are factors that …

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