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Education Assignment: Wiki Summaries

Kindergarten Phonics

Their first activity is behaviorist. It aims at repeating the knowledge about phonics. The teacher shows a student the flashcards with sounds and pictures with objects and her task is to pronounce the sound. Every time the student identifies the sound and pronounces it correctly she gets a star (a symbolic reinforcer).

The second activity is also behaviorist. The students play a game in which teacher pronounces a sound and they are to pick up an object on a table that starts with this sound. The student that picks the object first gets a point (a symbolic reinforcer). The student that scores more points than others is a winner and he/she gets a reward.

The third is the constructivist activity in which students match the given sounds on sticky papers with items in the room, so that they bind concepts real-life objects. The students are instructed to help each other to gain knowledge through cooperation.

The next activity is constructivist. Its aim is to teach students to pronounce the words and identify letters. The teacher shows students the flashcard with words and they should read the word and name the letters.

The fifth activity is constructivist. It aims at repeating letters. In this activity students are to match pictures of objects with their final letters. After that the students should write on a stripe The last activity is behaviorist. The students get the endings of the words and with the letters from alphabet they should construct words. For every completed word the students get an extra minute at computer time which serves as extrinsic activity reinforcer.

First Grade Simple Addition

The first activity is behaviorist. The students get the worksheets with counting task and matching task. When they successfully accomplish the tasks they get a reward – some healthy snacks that are the primary reinforcers.

The next is the behaviorist activity. In this activity students spin a pointer in a circle with numbers and add numbers chosen by the pointer with prior writing them down. Every time they get they get the same sum out of different numbers and highlight it, they get candies (primary reinforcers).

The third activity is also behaviorist. In this activity students are asked to put numbers on their worksheet and tell the sum they make. Every time the students give the right answer they get a token (a symbolic reinforcer).

The fourth is the constructivist activity in which is similar to the second one. Students are to add numbers they get when they spin a wheel and write them down in columns. The student that finishes the task first gets no homework.

The next activity is also constructivist in which students should add the dots on the dominos and write them down in the worksheets of paper the first letter of these words. . The teacher is assisting students with the first couple of questions.

The last is also the constructivist activity in which students learn how …

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