Emirates Food Bank System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) example

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Emirates Food Bank System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3

2. Problem Statement 4

3. Mission Need Statement 4

4. Project Overview 4

5. System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) – Main Elements of SEMP 7

5.1 Development Program Planning and Control 7

5.1.1 Statements of Work 7

5.1.2 Organization 10

5.1.3 Scheduling 11

5.1.4 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 11

5.1.5 Program, Design, and Test Readiness Review 12

5.1.6 Technical Performance Measurement (TPM) 12

5.1.7 Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies 13

5.2 Systems Engineering Process 14

5.2.1 Operational Requirements 14

5.2.2 Functional Analysis 14

5.2.3 Systems Analysis and Trade-Off Strategy 14

5.2.4 System Test and Evaluation Strategy 15

5.3 Engineering Specialty Integration 15

6 Conclusion 15

References 16

1. Introduction

Vice president, the prime minister, and head of Dubai State His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid introduced Emirates Food Bank project on his 11th anniversary of accession. According to Gulf News (2017), this initiative went under the primary credo of 2017 which was declared by Sheikh Mohammad to be the year of giving. He pronounced that in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the enormous amount of food waste is produced annually while many people in the country suffer deprivation of this good. Therefore, Emirates Food Bank as the nonprofit organization will fulfill a role of man-in-the-middle between food producers and people in need. Sheikh pronounced the core target of Bank is deepening of “the merit of generosity in Emirati people” as “the UAE people are one on (sic) the most generous” (Gulf News, 2017, para. 1). As the Emirates Food Bank is thought to expand its operations to neighboring countries in future (Gulf News, 2017), the project may be seen as a large-scale social morality and well-being improvement program.

Sheikh Mohammad’s project has a sound economic underpinning even though the food is a basic and the most important need of human beings alongside with sleep and shelter. Gulf News (2017) report that 13 billion dirhams are lost annually via food leftover and overproduction or over-import of nutrition goods in the UAE. Treating the problem of waste and needy people holistically, Food Bank is aimed at building the network of relationships with food supplier, consumer centers, trade-and-leisure facilities, and logistic services companies to collect fresh edible food supply and deliver it in the condition suitable for human consumption (McFarlane, 2017). As regards spoiled and inedible food resource, Food Bank will enhance the construction of new recycling facilities and development of the existing one. As a result, the elimination of food waste and improvement of local and state economies is expected.

Vision: the absence of hunger and food waste problems in the UAE and the world.

Mission: provide the qualitative food for poor and wellbeing-deprived citizens of the UAE and neighboring countries, eliminate food waste to enhance the economy of the UAE, promote generousness as the social value.

Goal: “for Dubai to be the first city in the region to achieve zero food waste” (Gulf …

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