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Environmental Science Paper

Why study environmental science:

Currently, the global environment is becoming more connected, more crowded and more consuming. The higher standards of living and growing populations from every corner of the globe have continued to put pressure on our environment. It is in this regard that environmental anomalies are deemed as just real, controversial and in urgent need of intelligent solutions. Again, it is important to note that the natural world involves complex processes and that some of the human activities can have unanticipated consequences that are usually inflexible to invalidate. Hence, ecological anomalies and their associated solutions logically involve economic, political and social aspects, that individuals willing to study the science must beware (Casey, 2009).

Environmental science and strategies:

Research has shown that ecological science and strategies have widely been seen to promote communication among businesses and industries, education institutions, non-governmental organizations and governments who are very vital in solution seeking policies in relation to environmental anomalies (Casey, 2009). These strategies seek to progress the interdisciplinary study relevant on ecological issues such as biodiversity, ecological effluence and wastes, non-renewable innate resources and atmosphere change.

The overall importance of environmental science:

It is through the environmental science field that individuals can only learn about the drastic changes in the environment revolving around them. Consequently, due to the increase in the number of inhabitants in the world, there has been demand on the increase in pressure of the natural ecosystem and resource services that humans rely on for their survival. The science also relates to global economic and political-social ramifications. Thus, the science involves itself with ecological management, control and pollution, inhabitants’ dynamics urbanization and ecosystems (Casey, 2009).


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