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Question 1
In my study I chose the word “infinite” from Ephesians 3:8. I precisely chose the word because it holds great significance in this text because it provides a comparative analysis of the riches that Christians have in Christ. It helps Christians understand the fullness of Christ, the privileges they obtain, and ways in which infinite riches are linked to a higher living power. Moreover, knowing the meaning of the word will facilitate the comprehension of the God’s love for his people, and the inheritance Christians have in Him.

Question 2
The word infinite appears three times in the bible. In Psalms 147:5, “His understanding is infinite” it means without limit in knowledge, capacity and power. It is only in this verse that the word is used to show
God’s nature. Precisely, it shows that God’s understanding embraces every aspect of all there is to know. In Job 22:5 it means no end to human wickedness and iniquities. Similarly, in Nahum 2:9 it implies that there is
no end to treasures in the city. Also, it shows that the wealth in the city is immeasurable and extensive. The word infinite is likewise equated to fullness, unfathomable or unsearchable riches that are part of the privileges accorded to Christians. In other versions of the same verse, the word infinite is equated with the word unsearchable. The word unsearchable appears three times in Job 5:9, Job 9:10, Job 34:24. In this regard, it is
used as a metaphor to refer to the inability to track the source of the riches. The word infinite is translated to Apeiria in Greek to mean unlimited and boundless.

Question 3
From a personal perspective, the word infinite in this context implies that the riches are unfathomable and unsearchable. As used in the verse in Job, one is unable to track the source of the …

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