Religion Studies: Ephesians 3:8-13 example

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Religion Studies: Ephesians 3:8-13

Paul has been chosen to preach Christ to the world of the Gentiles. Although he considers himself as ‘lesser than the least’ of the Lord’s people, he accepts this mission readily and acknowledges the grace accompanying such a call from God. In Ephesians 3: 8-13, the apostle shows that he has a deep conviction of humility alongside this grace of preaching and leading God’s people to discover the mystery of God’s movement in history although it has been hidden through the ages.

Saul, had been a staunch persecutor of Christ and his followers. He was a zealous Jew, who held the Jewish faith as the only real religion until Jesus called him, as he was on his way to Jerusalem. Falling on his horse, and all that he held dear, he was blinded as he saw the truth of Jesus’ real identity. He thereafter becomes Paul. Christ is God’s gift to mankind and is the fulfillment of the promise of salvation for all. Know that Christ is necessary for He is the source of all grace.

Righteousness comes through faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and It is necessary that all men know and acknowledge Christ as Lord in order to be saved. The apostle Paul, was an instrument that God used in order to speak and show Gods ways to the Gentiles and reveal to them who God …

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