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History and Theory of Urban Development

Table of Contents

Major Paper Outline



Las Vegas urbanism

New York-Manhattan urbanism



Major Paper Outline

The next research is being made on the topic of urban development and features on the example of the Las Vegas city. Theoretical basis of the research is the book “Learning from Las Vegas: the forgotten symbolism of architectural form” by Venturi R., Brown D. S. and Izenour S. Fundamental principles of the research are exploration and analysis of the urban development and features on the example of such huge modern cities of the United States of America as Las Vegas and New York. Both of them are mega polices, but they are contrary in the number of features. Main object of the research is Las Vegas, as desert city and one of the world’s center of entertainments and gambling business with all the peculiarities coming out here. Review on the topic how special conditions form and influence on the structure of the city will be made. Technological zeal of modern architecture is going to be explored.

The scholarly contribution of the research is in examining and evaluation of the architectural features of the Las Vegas of 70th and Las Vegas of the beginning of 20th century – what has changed and what stayed same. The most important part of the essay is concentrated on the iconographic performances of the Las Vegas city and modern architecture in general, several languages of architectural forms, role of architecture as communicational system. The role of architecture in popular culture and high culture and their representation in Las Vegas city is going to be highlighted. Answers on the question which types of the cities and architecture produces modern pluralist society shall be searched. The aims and effects of pop`s messages, commercial persuasion, materialistic manipulation and vapid sub communication of modern architecture shall be explored.Preliminary


Cuthbert, 2007, Urban Design requiem for an era – review and critique of the last 50 years. URBAN DESIGN International, 12, 177–223

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Koolhaas, R. 1978, Delirious New York: a retroactive manifesto for Manhattan, Oxford University Press, New York.Venturi, R., Scott Brown, D. & Izenour, S. 1972, Learning from Las Vegas: the forgotten symbolism of architectural form, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.


Architecture and structure of the cities are under high level of attention and topicality. 20th century can be called as century of urban design (Cuthbert, 2007). The way city develops has many historical, professional, ideological, academic, egocentric causes. The topic of city is directly connected to the economic, political, social and cultural processes of society. There is significant urban design paradigms. The multidimensional considerations of the city—its layers of social, political, economic, experiential and aesthetic meanings (Fraker, 2007). Traditional Urban Design ‘theory’ is anarchistic and insubstantial (Cuthbert, 2007). …

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