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Information Sharing

Information sharing between homeland security partners and the concerns.
To ensure maintenance of national security there has to be a security body that ensures gathering of intelligence information is achieved with
ease and to do so the agencies under this body must ensure there is a smooth flow of critical and relevant information. Over the years the agencies have decided to incorporate the private sector via fusion centers
so as to enhance information sharing which might be critical to the state of the nation (Nemeth, 2011, p. 328). To achieve this, a critical program's Protected Critical Infrastructure Information was put in place which would also represent the private sector in terms of their concerns if any.

The paper will highlight some of the features of this program that are effective in addressing concerns related to liability and proprietary information, and also discuss the efforts that can be taken regarding these concerns (Rollins, 2008). This is important so as to ensure the private sector fully utilize the expertise offered by the Government to complement the information sharing strategies.

Developing a proper communication channel is imperative and the program has to ensure it protects the private sector in terms of liability and proprietary of information (Westphal, 2008). Thus the program once validated is protected from; disclosure by freedom of information act (FOIA), local and state disclosure laws, and use in a civil lawsuit. This ensures that the private sector is well protected thus those involved can feel free to give out confidential information. According to Nemeth (2011), having the platform in place raises concerns regarding the private sector being involved directly in the matters of national security.

A major concern is accessing highly classified information from fusion centers to gain a competitive market advantage (Rollins, 2008). This is an abusive behavior that should highly be discouraged and by putting
measures in place so as if one violates them, it should be punishable by law. Also to address such concerns there should be security level clearances so as to access information from the fusion center so as to
ensure accountability. Taking an audit of security of information is imperative in guaranteeing that information doesn't leak to unauthorized persons.

Also, a concern that those representatives from the private sector at the fusion centers often leak confidential information needs to be resolved. Proper vetting of employees at the facility is critical in making sure that those that are hired do value integrity and safety of information (Nemeth, 2011). Also, contracting employees is critical to making sure that one individual does not have a full picture of the operation of the facility. It is critical that those with access to sensitive data and information …

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