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Article Review on Beauty Summary


Worley’s article highlights the issues that women face when constantly confronted with the ideal or perfect body. Today ‘beauty’ weighs 23% less than the average woman, which can lead to women can dieting and exercising in an attempt to achieve the perceived form of beauty. So much pressure is put on women to be perfect and advertisements take advantage of this in an attempt to sell their products. There is danger in trying to reach this ‘perfect body’ as depression and self-doubt can be caused by not being the ideal. Men can also perceive women who do not reach this ideal as being less attractive, because they have been told that there is only one form of beauty. However, beauty is not always perfection, it can be flawed and blemished because real beauty is everywhere.

Personal Response:

The article made me realise how subjective beauty actually is. When reading the article, I felt that I related to Worley, thinking that getting closer to achieving this ideal would make my life easier. It was shocking to realise that the idea of beauty has changed completely from heavier women being seen as ideal to the thin and tall that we see today. I did not realise how being bombarded with this ideal had affected the way I saw myself, and those around me. The dangerous side effects of being presented with this ideal is shocking, that deficiencies occur when women strive to achieve their goal of perfection, beauty should not compromise one’s health, and it is clear that today’s idea of beauty and perfection is doing so. To value our own self-worth on what we have been told is beauty is wrong, but because we are constantly surrounded by these ideals it is hard to realise that we have not made up our own minds on what we see as beautiful. I feel that this article showed me that beauty is everywhere and everyone can be, and is, beautiful, that going to extremes to achieve this is unnecessary because we are already …

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