Information Systems and Changing Organizational Culture example

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Information Systems and Changing Organizational Culture

Present role-play scenario reflects on the implementation of new information technology initiative among nursing staff for a medical facility located in Miami, Florida. The chosen technology is a state-of-art information system which will allow nursing staff to track the condition of patients assigned to them by means of mobile notifications.

T.I.G.E.R. competencies identified as the most essential for this initiative fall into categories of information literacy and information management, primarily those which help nurses to evaluate the extent and the source of information need, using information effectively for accomplishment of specific objectives individually or on a group basis, and expand the knowledge on different health information systems and their use in clinical and administrative scenario (T.I.G.E.R.Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform, 2011).

The change management strategy chosen for a quick implementation of the required competencies set is to adopt or adapt existing training resources available at the facility (Liaw & Gray, 2010). Since the facility already works towards developing software literacy based on computer applications, the integration of training modules for mobile applications could fasten the adoption process among nursing staff.Nurses will be also engaged in an acquisition of additional knowledge on mobile technologies through extracurricular activities assigned individually between working sessions. Nurses will be assigned with short tasks to perform through external research. The Quality safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) is a chosen resource that will help nurses to acquire needed expertise. Nurses will be assessed on their progress by means of interim assessments that will evaluate the mastery in information literacy and management competence indicators in percentage.

This approach will allow monitoring progress for all nursing staff and make necessary adjustments should any of the program participants requires immediate assistance.Resources required for the program implementation are experienced trainers and updated training material. This action might require revision of the scope of the contract for learning services, and negotiated additional payment for the enhanced scope of services delivery.


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