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ITP Education Group


The ITP Education Group was founded in 1999 and it offers educational and training services. Its Group motto is "Education together" making it have a huge commitment towards ensuring it offers high-quality education to the students (ITP Educational Group, 2017). However, in the process, of offering educational, the educational group is faced with various internal and external factors that might affect its overall functions positively or negatively as seen from the SWOT and PESTLE analysis.


The ITP Education Group has more than a decade in offering educational and training services thus giving it the required experience in academic provision.

It is made up of various entities such as the International Institute of Business and Information Technology (IIBIT); IIBIT Academy of English; IIBIT in association with Federation University. This allows it in broadening the educational areas according to the career choices of the students (ITP Educational Group, 2017).

IIBIT is situated in the core of Sydney's Central Business District (CBD). Enclosed by a sufficient collection of shops, hotels, and restaurants, it is easily reached by public transport.

Students have access to recreational and lounge services whereby they can access vending machine, table tennis, drinking water and others.


A student has to use an ID card and user account so that they can access the computers, photocopiers, and scanner.

An ID card is required for one to access the library services.

IIBIT relies on FedUni which is Australia's most progressive tertiary institutions in offering tertiary education to its students (ITP Educational Group, 2017).


With increased interest in technology throughout the world, ITP has the ability to tap students who want IT related courses following its association with FedUni which is recognized internationally as a leading institution for innovation and enterprise (ITP Educational Group, 2017).

IIBIT has a singular advantage over other educational institutions in Australia in its location at the Sydney Central Business District. This makes it have the ability to offer higher education to recent school graduates and also to other older people concentrated in the business district.


The educational group faces stiff competition from other leading educational institutions such as Australian National University and the University of Melbourne.

The educational group has minimal courses it offers its students as compared to the different career choices made by students



The Australian government saw budget cuts in funding aimed at supporting educational needs of the Australian and international population. Such government policies affect the means through which educational institutions offer education for they are forced to cut on some of their services and reduce the teaching staff which affects the academics of students


Most of the Australian population is made up of low-income people. This is especially seen in the indigenous community. This will mean that they have links to financial hardship, debts, homelessness and poverty making it hard to access education at the ITP Education Group.


Due to technological advancement, ITP education group is at times forced to change their software of which they might be at a risk of selecting the wrong software. New computer viruses might also affect the institution's …

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