Kudler Fine Food Integrated Network Design Project example

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Kudler Fine Food Integrated Network Design Project

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is an example of the successful business dealing with upscale specialty food and wine supply from all over the world. Their products are presented at three stores located in La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas (San-Diego, California). Presently, outdated KKF’s network needs considerate upgrade and implementation of the newer technologies. Among the basic functions to be implemented are data collection and processing, communication at different system levels and information security. In addition, these modifications have to provide high network performance and data rate. These transformations will reduce operational costs in all stores and consequently extend their income. Hence, KKF Integrated Network Design Project (INDP) will not only improve and simplify enterprise administration and assist in customer’s data procession, but it will also increase their profit and ensure data security.

Brief Project Inspection

Before designing a new network, existing system should be analyzed in details in order to point out which features have to be improved and to what extent. Firstly, it was revealed that KKF uses a bus network and all three websites have almost similar configurations. All system derivatives are supplied with an internet connection and seem inexpensive in their implementation.

Among the network drawbacks system dependence on its components should be mentioned, because, in case of instability in one section, all other sections will be affected. Another defect can be noted when data are sent from two system items simultaneously, that results in collapse on the both ends.

The design approach to KFF integrated network was elaborated accordingly to analysis determining data and communication requirements. Moreover, evaluation of the OSI model’s layers has revealed considerable issues at the datalink and network layers. These problems cause slow network performance and even system failure/overload in case of all users simultaneously accessing a department. In order to make the network meet the requirements, it is necessary to improve the existing system in terms of its performance, data rate, and efficiency.

Project Network and Timeline

As there are three KKF stores and the main one is in La Jolla, gradual implementation of the integrated network will include a few stages and start in La Jolla where centralized services are located (see Figure 1 for the network chart). In short, the first stage is devoted to the general implementation of the new system, the next phase envisages conducting different tests and security analysis. The last stage is dedicated to accessing the new network and removing of the predecessor. Weekly planned project timeline considering each store particularly is demonstrated in Table 1.

Each stage involves a set of activities intended to achieve a particular result. The first phase (3-4 weeks) predetermines accomplishment of the following tasks: T1 installation (only in La Jolla), high-speed Wi-Fi connection and network routers and cables setup, VOIP phone connection, Inventory database server and Windows backup/recovery software installation (in La-Jolla), Point of Sales Windows server configuration, network testing, removal of previous network, documentation of implementation. On …

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