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Kinnser Home Health Software

The role of information and communication technology in health care delivery can be hardly underestimated. The findings cited by Herrick, Gorman, and Goodman (2010) emphasize that the integration of information technologies in health care sector has the potential to improve the quality of and increase access to care. Moreover, the use of information technologies can save as much as $78 billion annually (Herrick et al., 2010). The potential benefits of using information technologies in health care sector are examined in the context of Kinnser Agency Manager®. Although the software is quite new, it has become quite popular among health care providers. Presently, staff at more than 4,000 agencies use it to run their business (Kinnser, 2017). This report aims to examine why Kinnser Agency Manager® is gaining momentum, and what are the potential benefits of using it after the merger. It is argued that the use of Kinnser Agency Manager® will promote patient safety through effective data accumulation, storage and exchange between the parties involved in the treatment process.

Kinnser Agency Manager®

Health Information System and Patient Centered Care

Experts of Kinnser (2017) claim they have a 99% customer retention rate and it is attributed to the advantages inherent in the software. It is argued that Kinnser Agency Manager® involves a number of benefits in terms of usability, interoperability, scalability and compatibility. Sweet (2017) argues that the most salient advantages of Kinnser Agency Manager® are its ease of use of interoperability. To validate this assumption, Sweet (2017) points to an intuitive interface. For instance, all the tasks for the week pop up once a user logs in, which makes it impossible to miss a task or misallocate workload (Sweet, 2017). For many users, it is important that the use of Kinnser Agency Manager® does not require having a specific phone, tablet, or browser (Sweet, 2017). Interoperability is an important advantage in a dynamic world of health care delivery. In addition to the above advantages, Sweet (2017) emphasizes straightforward billing system and compliance with HITECH and HIPAA security standards. The identified compliance is the subject of a more detailed analysis further in this report.

Despite numerous advantages, Kinnser Agency Manager® has some limitations. The major concern is related to the billing manager. Sweet (2017) claims Billing Manager 2.0 has glitches. For instance, accounting may be inexact due to ADRs, or RAPs that have to be cancelled but eventually pay (Sweet, 2017). Moreover, health care providers may experience some problems with posting insurance payments or some unusual scenarios (Sweet, 2017). As a justification for existing limitations, it can be admitted that Kinnser is constantly working to remove the above problems. Moreover, Kinnser’s billing manager is still more convenient than in other software.

Health Information System

Since the advantages of Kinnser Agency Manager® outweigh its limitations, it is argued that the use of the software will improve the documentation process and the quality of care in a number of ways. Garment (2013) admits that the …

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