Let's Live A Real Life - A Personal Statement Essay example

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Let's Live A Real Life - A Personal Statement Essay

I would like to tell about one of my friends and how he changed the way I look at the world and at life in general, namely at the importance of real communication and great influence of modern technologies on people.

Today no one would dispute the fact that computers, tablets and smartphones have become a crucial part of our daily lives. More than that, some people are simply addicted to their phones and would take them absolutely everywhere because they can't stand not having the phone by their side, it gives them anxiety. Honestly speaking, I used to be the same, before the conversation that happened one day between me and my friend Mike. We have been hanging out at a café. I was talking to Mike, simultaneously checking facebook and twitter posts on my cell phone – which would be a common practice among people of my age. However, to my surprise, Mike who is twice as old as me and remembers the time when people haven’t yet used the smartphones that much, was strongly offended by my behavior. So then he told me things that changed the way I look now at the communication. He said that if people hang out together, they should entirely devote this time to communication with real each other and put their phones a side with all internet stuff and even messages and calls. He also told me, if the girl would answer the incoming message on her phone in the middle of the conversation with him, he would immediately finish the date, considering this as a sign of disrespect. In Mike's opinion a face-to-face conversation is more important than the virtual one.

I slept on that and realized that he is right to some extent. Just because one gets a notification on his device saying that there is a new email or message doesn’t mean that it is necessary to answer it right away. We should value precious moments spent with our friends and family, ability to see their emotions, smiles, gestures and enjoy every second of real life. I also think, it is for example inappropriate to kill the mood during the dinner by pulling your phone out to snap a hundred of photos of your and everyone else’s meal.

In conclusion I would like to say that we shouldn’t let our smartphones and tablets rule our lives and forget the aspects of manners and decency. And of course I am very thankful to my friend Mike who opened my eyes to this issue and helped me to improve.

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