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Management and IT

Technological discoveries and improvements have made the size of a computer become smaller and smaller with time. In the last decade, the size of a computer was huge and could even fit in a room; for the case of super-computers. At the present, the sizes have been reduced to fit in pockets. The sizes are now small, making them portable. The size is decreasing while the speed is increasing (Shelly & Freund, 2010).The computer systems have become more interactive and easy to use. This has been caused by the development of a human friendly interface over time. The systems are also cheaper, more reliable and have better and bigger memories that the predecessors.PDAs, cell phone, and subnotebook PC will one day converge to produce an appliance that makes all the individual device obsolete. It is a big burden carrying the individual devices from place to place.

With the development of technology focusing on coming up with devices that have several abilities, it will be soon when we see all the information appliances merged into one powerful device.Just like with the personal PC, the business PC needs several peripheral devices to operate. They include input and output devices, internet devices, and the office desk. Input and output devices include the mouse, keyboard, camera, digital scanners, printers and barcode readers and scanners (Shelly & Freund, 2010). A projector is also handy in explaining slides. Moreover, the PC must have the latest processor which can handle efficiently the business requirements. The hard disk, RAM, and the graphic properties/card should be able to accommodate the needs of the business. The internet is a necessity because I will need to keep in touch with the clients and suppliers.Software now is flexible, easy to use and easily accessible.

They are flexible in that they are developed to suit specific user needs. Through the development of a user-friendly human interface, it I now easy to use the software since the incorporation of GUI eases understanding and may eliminate tutorials. This has made software to be used in day to day activities that include communications, banking systems and security (through biometric scanners). In the future, the software will be faster and more user-friendly. Their prices may also drop due to the presence of several developers.The operating system provides the user interface where the end user communicates with the computer (Dhunna, 2010). Through the OS, the user can provide commands to the computer. Moreover, since the computer uses 0s and 1s to store its data/commands, it would be very complicated for the end user to operate a computer. The OS interprets the data from the peripheral devices and presents it to the end user in a format that is standardized. The OS also helps in file management – deleting, copying and moving- which would be hard for the end user to manipulate by him/herself. Moreover, the OS manages the processes of the computer. The processes are executed in a …

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