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Marketing Report for Naturopathic

Australia is a country that has quite strong population of people, who are aware of the health issues and environmental issues, since most people are assured that they have the unique nature that should be saved. In addition, most people understand that curing process is impossible without application of natural procedures. Thus, company in this market can succeed, however, it will face the competition, since there are many companies, which already established their production facilities in the Australia and they have almost conquered the market. Thus, new company should maintain their services to offer something unique or qualitative products, since according to the statistical data, Australians prefer to consume quality products and will not tolerate negligence in terms of their heath. Age range of the target audience starts from 35 and ends with 54 years. These people are likely to encounter some strong health problems, which cannot be solved without the application of the naturopathic treatment. In addition, this group of potential customers have the highest level of commitment to the natural solutions, thus, they will gladly replace their ordinary treatment with the naturopathic treatment. Age factor is quite important to consider in the market research, since there are many age groups, which can be influenced as well, however, company should focus its activities on people, who belong to the above-mentioned age group. Otherwise, company can face the issues with finding enough customers and with competition that is working with correct target audience. Among the target audience, 15% are men (35-44 years old) and 15% women (35-44 years old), also 14% men (45-54) and 13% (45-54). Gender factor is supposed to influence the sales or effectiveness of the company, however, it should be considered as well. Speaking about the marital status, 85% of all people in the Pottsville have families. 14% of people are divorced, 1% belong to other families. Marital status also has minimal importance in the study of the market for such company, since it cannot influence the effectiveness of company or productivity of sales. Concerning the occupation of people, it is important to underline that most people work on the companies, which are associated with the unhealthy conditions, which can undermine the overall health situation in the city (see fig.1) . Thus, opening a new company in the city will stimulate people to get the supporting medicines to avoid the harm to the health. In addition, speaking about the level of wealth, most people in the city belong to the middle and higher class. It means that they can offer mid-priced and premium services. Thus, company should focus their pricing policies on these factors.

Figure 1. Proportion of employed people and their qualification

Educational background and the overall amount of people, who has got the education is important factor in the development of business, since educated people aware of the environmental factors and modern treatment services and they can choose from the ordinary and naturopathic treatment. According to the above-mentioned …

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