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Native American Languages

Every language represents cultural values and reflects a unique world-view. The disappearance of a language deprives people of cultural knowledge, which may be important not only to its speakers but also to representatives of other cultures. In order to preserve cultural values, we have to support the development of certain languages.

In order to prevent a language from disappearing, a government has to implement a number of policies that would create favorable conditions for successful language development. However, an attitude of the community towards their language is the most important factor. In this respect, imposing certain languages is not efficient, as the process of language development should be natural. If the conditions are favorable, but the number of language informants is continuously decreasing, there is no use to maintain the language because this process is unlikely to be efficient and the funds can be allocated for more important needs.

Native American languages can be preserved, as some ethnical groups are interested in maintaining the language and culture. However, the process should be natural and the government should create favorable conditions rather than impose the languages. A similar situation is happening in the United Kingdom. Cornish, a Southwestern Brittonic Celtic language, was considered to be extinct. However, it has undergone a revival, and there are a couple of thousand people who are interested in regenerating the language and traditions of Cornwall. Cornish is taught in many schools and there is a weekly bilingual programme on BBC Radio Cornwall (Johnson). The government promotes the language development but it does not spend funds on imposing is, which is the most rational policy.

In my opinion, such endangered languages have to be taught in school as an optional subject. Increasing the number of literary works, films, and children books is an effective measure. Moreover, providing a sound environment in which languages and cultural traditions of minor ethnic groups can be preserved and developed is a task of every government.

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