Windows 2012 R2 Server: Document and Print Services Installation and Configuration example

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Windows 2012 R2 Server: Document and Print Services Installation and Configuration

Since Cybixx is facilitated with a new Distribution Center in Akron, Ohio, Windows 2012 R2 Server has to be installed, and properly configured. As for file and print services, the roles of Print Server, Internet Printing, and LPD Service are provided (Stanek, 2013, p. 231). It is important to define the service roles that will completely support the functionality and common scenarios of the company.

In the current situation, it is decided to deploy the roles of Print Server and Internet Printing. The former will create a Windows Print Server including the Print Management Console used for multiple printers and print servers administration (Minasi et. al., 2013, p. 452). The latter service will provide a website for managing the tasks of a Print Server and connecting to shared printers through Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

The service roles can be installed after initial hosting server configuration. In general, installation and configuration of the Windows 2012 R2 Server will be accomplished by a consequence of steps:

1. Launch Server Manager, find the navigation tools and choose “All Servers”. Click the button “Manage” in the menu panel and choose “Add Roles and Features”. Confirm the security items (administrator’s password, IP address, security updates availability).

2. On the following page select the roles of “Print Server” and “Internet Printing”, and click “Next”. In the opened window choose the server for installation. For the next two pages just click “Next”.

3. Look through the comments for the administrator and click “Next”.

4. Select the roles of “Print Server” and “Internet Printing”, click “Add features”, and “Next”. Confirm the Web Server Role configurations and click “Next” until the button “Install” is displayed to click it.

5. Reboot the server to complete configuration. Check the status of installation by clicking “Notification” icon in the “Task Details”.

6. For further configurations, install v4 drivers through the Print Management Console. Click “Tools” and open “Print Management”. Find the Print Server name in the right menu and use the option “Add Drivers” in the contextual menu of “Drivers”. Choose the Driver with the words “Class Driver” or “v4” in its name and install it.

7. Create a shared print queue for the already installed and connected local printer.

8. Connect a client computer to the print queue, and computer will automatically download and launch the driver. Finally, make sure that Windows Print Server works correctly.

In the case of the Distribution Center in Akron, Ohio, Windows Print Server will function in the roles of both Print Server and Internet Printing. It will provide sufficient functionality for print and document services in this facility.


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Stanek, W. (2013). Windows Server 2012 inside out (3rd ed.). Microsoft …

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