Online Questionnaire as the Future of Collecting Data example

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Online Questionnaire as the Future of Collecting Data


Modern technologies entered our life and took major part in most of the spheres of it. Using them in business and business administration allows to release human resource from conducting automatic work in favour of using computer programs. Literacy in using them allows saving time and funds on completing monotonous and time consuming tasks, necessary for proper work of an organisation. Internet adds advantage in spreading the market to a scale of the whole world, where Internet is accessible. Necessary collecting and analysing data used to suffer from human factors (misinterpreting hand writing, limitation of time in space, needed to collecting the data, double entering received data in digital format for analysing etc.), which naturally would cause a need of reducing the human effect onto the data analysis. In this sense developing on online forms and questionnaires brought a number of benefits to the users, including its relatively low cost, ease of access for the subjects to the question, voluntary participation, which increases the responder’s motivation. Complicated tools for data analysis are automated, making the transfer of the qualitative data to the quantitate results fast and lacking of possible mistake caused by a manual transfer.

One of the most popular tools for collecting data online is online questionnaire and tests. The developers are using separate forms, created on HTML base, with specific linkage for the form, where the data is collected, with various designs and sizes. These forms have unique look and specific content, it requires certain time to create and spread it and usually cost-consuming. A convenient alternative is a questionnaire by Googledocs, which is user-friendly, easy to navigate and spread, allows using of standard design selections, flexible in terms of altering the content, convenient in transferring and analysing collected data and does not require additional funds.

Usage of online questionnaire in collecting and analysing data.

Collecting and analysing of data is used in organization is order to set a point, where a certain company is at the moment, define strong and weak points of the company’s strategy and offer methods of improvement of the policies overall. Thus hospitals collect the data in order to have number of patients in general, statistic on the most and the least spread types of illness, trying to minimize the time necessary to diagnosis. Necessary questionnaires constantly drag budget and human resources, increase the time of diagnosis, which causes a loss of funding opportunities (Rakib, 2013). Traditional methods of pencil-paper collecting data hold a number of disadvantages, which can be eliminated by automatizing the process. Time consuming collecting of the subjects, motivating them to fill in the necessary questionnaire, assembling and analysing the data in paper format hold a danger of possible human mistake, misread the hands writing, entering inaccurate data by the subject, if the question is personal and they are embarrassed of answering with the truth. The studies show, that the quality difference between the data, gathered with the help of traditional …

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