Performance Management for HRIS example

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Performance Management for HRIS


HRIS implementation should follow the concept of re-thinking previous establishments and organizational purposes. First, it is required to perform an analysis of DWP in terms of the critical HR processes that are currently incorporated in the organizational structure. These processes should be mapped against the timeline of expected HRIS establishment. Second, the organizational perspective on critical process implementation should be followed.It is assumed that the future system will require a thorough needs analysis in terms of previous group communication efforts. Needs analysis is required for identification of current system vulnerabilities both on technical and communication level, thus would likely to take couple of weeks prior establishing a meaningful recommendation on the subject (Nemani & Ichu, 2011). These efforts might include recruitment strategies analysis, talent pool validation, compensation and benefits system integration as well as managerial perspective on how business function is overall integrated.

HRIS Implementation Gantt Chart

Risk Mitigation StrategyProjects related to organizational change are susceptible to risks identified within the project scope. Several areas are identified as vulnerable in terms of adjacent project security. First, a technical reasonability behind a switch from existent security protocols towards Oracle management systems is not yet verified, thus posing a question on potential technical security establishments. Second, as it was previously outlined, the project lacks comprehensive documentation on contact problem resolution, thus could not be classified as contemporarily safe. Other than that, expected problems are poor talent acquisition and coaching due to the talent scarcity, as well as lack of education efforts aligned with community-based programs calling for significant alignment of efforts.Based on the previous assumptions, it is required to create a back-up file for HR department which is primarily classified by internal control department. Preserving the safety will allow having organizationally-targeted establishment seeking for equivalent international trade principles. Supporting and generalizing this statement, Gueutal and Stone (2005) indicated that implementation of HRIS “allows for HR to spend less time completing administrative tasks and more time focusing on strategic activities” (p. 18).

Project Reporting

Project reporting should be presented based on the alignment of sponsors and stakeholders. Assuming the scope of HRIS and further portal utilization across hubs, it is required having local project coordinators involved in both requirement collection process and feedback communication. This could be decomposed into the following stages:

Managerial reporting – the high-level reports that communicate essential progress in the overall change management scenario and adherence to preliminary agreed course of action;

Stakeholder reporting – customized reports that demonstrate particular changes and associated benefits to the field employees and local coordinators involved into the change management procedure;

Timeline reporting – essential activities which are mapped against the overall project success measures and time to complete one or another activity;

External reporting – memos and press-releases which establish conceptual vision on the future collaboration with external and internal business partners based on the HRIS system feature testing and live communications and …

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