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Performance Management in a Current Environment

Modern technology has changed the way people communicate both in private life and in the office. Availability of email, messengers, reminders, etc. has definitely facilitated the expansion of the scope of communication in a company. Electronic means of communication allow to access all employees, regardless of their physical location, for example, by Skype. Moreover, many companies create special chats for the employees to exchange instant messages to get answers as soon as possible and share their experience to help each other. In addition, exchange of emails or messages provided employees an opportunity to record most discussions which may be very helpful in case any misunderstandings or conflicts occur. On the other hand, the abundance of information and communication sources often negatively influences the productivity of an employee as it is hard to concentrate on the task when one keeps receiving new emails and has to reply to messages in a chat. Moreover, as it is difficult to control all means of communication, employees may use these means for private purposes. Finally, the company should be very careful to secure the privacy of the information which is exchanged via the electronic communication tools as it can be easily copied or hacked. To sum up, the development of new communication technology both enhanced the level of communication at the workplace and created new challenges for the management.

If I were a manager, I would rate my level of conflict resolving at 8. I assume that my conflict-handling style is collaboration as I always try to find a win-win solution for both parties. However, sometimes in difficult situations when I do not see any opportunities for collaboration I am inclined to follow an avoiding strategy. It seems easier to avoid a conflict and see how it will work than to argue without any clear perspective for a resolution. Nevertheless, I realize that avoidance can negatively influence the work outcome as the existing inefficiencies would not be eliminated.

I suppose that the most efficient technique of conflict resolution is open discussion or negotiations. It is necessary to let all parties have their word in front of each other without any “backroom deals”. Then, it is worth asking the parties which solution of the conflict they see and act as a third party who can help them achieve an objective and just solution.

If one recalls on the quality and performance management approaches from the 60s-80s, such management systems as cost benefit analysis, management by objectives, or output budgeting will come to one’s mind. Most of them considered the control of input sources as the key factor of successful process management. Later, these approaches were replaced by more multifaceted systems such as the Balanced Scorecard approach which aligns several aspects of business and allows to evaluate the company’s performance in each of them, not only financial one (Kaplan, & Norton, 1992). The latest trends in quality and performance management include such approaches as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (Daft, …

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