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Personal Management Focus Paper

One of the concepts that I have learned this week is planning which provides for organizing of the various work-related processes in the most efficient ways. It provides for many activities. As a part of the strategic planning, the building of the results-oriented culture has also been stressed on within the realm of the class. It could be implemented through the introduction of several effective motivation schemes that would help to encourage the employees to work better and achieve results. At the same time, it should be stressed that such an organizational culture is not built overnight. More than that, it should not be built overnight. In fact, organizational culture is created through the years of shoulder-to-shoulder work and every new employee that joins the organization definitely reshapes it (Shafique). In addition, while striving to build results-oriented culture, human resources managers have to ensure that the employees will not start to compete among themselves and that it would not be detrimental to the business. Yet, the recommendations regarding the strategic planning process are definitely worth implementation and business organization should consider them. The success will come, in case the organizations implement sustainable and persists typescripts related to proper HR management.

As a manager, I will definitely strive at building strong corporate culture and ensure that this task will be reflected in the strategy of the organization and in all the planning processes. Additionally, I will take steps to carry out the activities aiming at the team building and creation of the common group spirit shared by all. The planning is also important for reaching this goal as it helps to structure the events and to create the logical record of events that need to be organized to establish the corporate culture.

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