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"The Echo of Battle" Book Review

Brian McAllister Linn is the professor of History whose specialty is military history, war and society. Currently, he is the transducer of John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, and Olin Fellowship at Yale University, which gives him a title of a very valuable person in the sphere of military science. Moreover, he has been visiting professor at Army War College and the National University of Singapore and the president of the Society for Military History. That is why the author’s qualification in the topic of military science and history is undisputable, which means that the source is relevant. In his book, “The Echo of Battle”, which was originally written in 2007, Brian McAlister Linn addresses the topic of American way of war and claims that it is formed not as a result of combat experience, but rather as a result of ideas, which arise during the periods of peace. In order to support this evidence, the author identifies three distinct intellectual traditions, which form the American “army of war” .

These traditions have a particular value for military personnel and set up the background of American warfare culture. According to Brian McAlister Linn, the apex of military elite who maintain and preserve the old philosophies are called the Guardians. The total perception of war and its separation into art and science patterns is formed exactly according to the doctrines of the Guardians. Nowadays, the Guardians are not limited by theoretical edification. They remain very influential and play an important role in the US warfare. However, some contemporary military scientists, including the author, consider their doctrines outdated and predictable. Then, the author outlines Heroic tradition as another crucial part of the US military system. According to it, the soldiers are able to outline the position of their human element on a battlefield. It provides both the intellectual and practical framework for soldiers to develop martial virtues, courage, morality and discipline. Nevertheless, it has its own flaws as well. According to this tradition, soldier perceives a war as an end in itself, rather than a mean of achieving certain results. Finally, the author outlines the representatives of third tradition – Managers, who view the war as an organizational problem. The author emphasizes on the manager’s role in major conflicts such as world wars and on their exemplar ability to lead the armies.

This claim is supported by the book written by General Tommy Franks and Malcolm McConnell whose exemplar achievements reason the reliability of the source. They claim that some positions in army require more managerial skills than military ones. “I’m a warfighter, not a manager! “.The biggest strength of the book is its ability to reveal the major aspects of the American army and support it with real examples. According to the previous experience of the author, the book reveals the truth about American army and provides the reader with relevant insight into its structure. Despite the …

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