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Political Science: Identifications

Arend Lijphart is a political scientist who focuses on such scientific fields as comparative politics, election systems, democracy, and ethnicity. Lijphart also distinguished methods of political science into statistical and comparative.

A behavioral approach to political science is concentrated on individuals and social groups rather than on political institutions. The behavioral approach in comparative politics is complicated because it is a value-free approach which is concentrated on quantitative methods.

The nation is a large entity of people who are united by collective political identity. Nations are crucial to comparative politics because nation-states are its objects of analysis.

The State of Nature is a concept that was created to hypothesize the situation when people lived before society was established. State of nature, as well as contractarianism, is an underlying concept while comparing policies in democratic countries because the establishment of democracy is explained via these concepts.

Max Weber was a sociologist and a political scientist who proposed a perception of objectivity in qualitative comparative political researches. The methodology of his studies was borrowed by comparative political scientists.

Sovereignty is an absolute authority to govern over the particular political entity. Comparative politics analyzes different extents of sovereignty acquired by states or other administrative entities.

An ethnicity is a group that shares common features such as language, culture, religion and distinguishes themselves from other ethnic groups on this basis. Comparative politics analyze ethnicity because such concepts as nation or state can be explained through these lenses.

Public good is a system of material resources or values that should be provided to citizens by their state. In this respect, the task of comparative politics is to define and compare perceptions of public good in different societies.

Electoral authoritarianism is the type of authoritarian regimes which keeps multi-party system as a democratic facade and a source of their legitimacy. Electoral authoritarianism is a perspective field of study in the case of comparative politics because cases of such authoritarianism vary to a large extent.

Case studies are scientific researches of particular objects of study in their development. Case studies are used in comparative politics to compare different states or social groups.


2. Explain the relationship between the State of Nature, Sovereignty, and Contractarian View of the State. In your answer, discuss the modern state and where it comes from and the role of the people. Your answer should explain what you think the relationship is and not simply what the book or lecture said.

State of nature, sovereignty, and contractarian view of the State are one of the main concepts of the liberal theory of the state. More specifically, the demise of the State of Nature led to the contract within the society, and a state was created, in which people had the sovereignty. However, there is no straight connection between the contractarian view of state and the emergence of a modern state.

State of nature is an imaginary situation that might have been present before the creation of first societies. In the state of nature, there is no supreme authority and …

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