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Third Presidential Debate

The third and the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which took place at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on October 19, drew millions of viewers across the nation. It was moderated by a Fox News channel anchor Christopher Wallace, whose unbiased style received positive reviews from both camps. Each candidate was facing the task of cementing the support they had and sway the undecided voters to their side. Hillary Clinton has won on overall demeanor and charisma and was declared the winner of the debate by the mainstream media. But it was Donald Trump who, with the use of particular topics, managed to convince undecided voters. This group of people, who were very liable to change their minds during the entire campaign, gave the victory to Donald Trump, both in the debate and in the subsequent election.

The first question that the candidates faced was about the supreme court nominations that they would make should one of them become presidents. Hillary Clinton gave a well-delivered response, emphasizing her wish to uphold the rights of minorities, LGBTQ people, and women. She mentioned the need of those who would stand on the side of the ordinary people, as opposed to the wealthy. This argument could only give more independent votes to Donald Trump, who had successfully painted his opponent as the embodiment of the establishment, wealth, and corruption. Answering the same question, he vowed to uphold the second amendment. Both candidates brought valid points concerning their positions on guns. Hillary Clinton stated that 33000 people each year die as a result of using a gun, and even though most of these are suicides, the exact figure would be high enough to make independent voters think about the need for more regulations. Donald Trump retorted that regulations do not work in practice, citing cities like Chicago, where strict regulations cohabit with high and rising levels of gun violence.

Abortion was another contentious issue that both candidates were pressed to discuss. Hillary Clinton defended a woman’s right to choose and reminded that Donald Trump threatened to punish women for abortions. When pressed by Wallace, Trump did not try to defend himself, but doubled down and spoke about his plans to appoint pro-life justices as if it was a one-sided issue. He described the process of late stage abortions in gruesome details, likening it to killing newborn babies. In doing so, he won the approval of evangelical Christians, whose support he had lost earlier due to his lewd comments. This group, deeply unhappy with both candidates, decided that a promiscuous candidate who, yet, unapologetically defended unborn babies was preferable. Clinton concentrated on women’s rights and referred to ninth-month abortions as a painful decision for the mother. After this debate, evangelicals overwhelmingly supported Trump, who came across as the defender of the unborn.

Another issue that candidates discussed was international politics, and here Hillary Clinton made a better impression. She remained calm and well-spoken while Donald Trump was agitated …

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