Position paper analyzing the Department of Homeland Security’s overall structure. example

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Position Paper of the DHS’s Overall Structure

Table of Contents
Analysis and Defense of Position
The DHS Mission Statement and Structure
Six Elements of DHS Structure (work specialization, unity of command, span of control, authority, centralization, departmentalization)
DHS’s Structure in Terms of Formalization, Centralization, and Complexity
DHS Size, Technology, and Environment
Assessment-based Position


The relationship between mission of the DHS and its structure is discussed in the paper. The mission of the Department widely affects its structure, because influences the overall strategy implemented by the entity. DHS
structure has both advantages and disadvantages. Integration between the components is one of the major goals that management should address in the nearest future.

Position Paper on the DHS’s Overall Structure


The DHS is rather large, but it operates in context of complex and uncertain environment. Effective relocation of resources and integration of management and coordination activities are important for the Department’s
success, but capability to quickly detect and respond to local hazards are also of considerable importance. Significant formalization of the Department’s components corresponds to the complexity of organization’s
structure, still, lack of integration, particularly in context of information distribution between the components negatively affect the Department’s overall capability to quickly respond to risks and hazards. The discussed features both more or less desired are related with different kinds or structure. Evidently, in order to pursue its missions and goals, the Department must balance major features that contribute to its effectiveness.

Analysis and Defense of Position

The DHS Mission Statement and Structure

The mission statement is critically important to the efficient functioning of the DHS. According to Kim (2012), the public service mission makes government more effective in two ways: it attracts, motivates, and retains qualified employees and it guides “the resource allocation process that can optimize policy decisions” (p. 2). Given the purpose of its creation, DHS has a complex mission, consisting of the following five dimensions: 1) prevent terrorism and enhancing security; 2) secure and manage our borders; 3) enforce and administer our immigration laws; 4) safeguard and secure cyberspace; and 5) …

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