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Domestic Violence

Nowadays, the problem of family violence is very topical and definitely is worth the public attention. However, it is important to note that when analyzing the examples of violence inside the families of different countries some centuries ago, one should understand that the standards change. Therefore, after a thorough analysis of the historical developments of the social relationships inside the families as well as discussing different types of family violence, it will be possible to state that the so-called global perspective will continue to change and even more actions that are legal now will become unlawful in the nearest future.

History of Violence in the Family

To start with, a prominent lawgiver, Solon represented the ancient world of Greece, known for its male domination over women and children. Solon created many new laws, especially in the categories of tort and family law. His family laws were nothing but the rules that regulated the behavior of men and women. For example, Solon succeeded in developing and implementing the marriage and adoption allowances, inheritances issues and supporting role of parents (Gosselin, 2014, p. 31). As a result, it was a starting point of family life regulation.

Next, it seems crucial to reflect the historical developments of family relationships in France law and British common law. Speaking about the France, it was still dangerous to declare the rights of women on the legislative level. As Gosselin (2014) indicates “Olympe de Gouges wrote a Declaration of the Rights of Women in 1791 and was quickly arrested and tried for treason … and then executed by the guillotine” (p. 34). Moreover, after Napoleon’s passing the civil code of France, women officially got the status of the legal minors in the French society. Turning to the British common law, it is worth stating that the women had more vivid legal protection. “Opinions of English courts in 1659 and 1674 to 1675 held that husbands’ power over wives did not include beating, but was limited to admonition and confinement” (Gosselin, 2014, p. 33). At the same time, there were particular set restrictions, for example, a man could beat his family female partner with a stick no longer than his thumb.

Speaking about the situation in the American society, American Revolution played a role of a turning point concerning the legal protection of the women. One of the basic achievements of the above-mentioned revolution was a retreat from the British common law court practices. As a result, it is worth reporting that “some early American legislation on intimate partner violence control included corporal punishment and fines as penalties for wife beating” (Gosselin, 2014, p. 35). It was a first step towards the equal legal position of both males and females. Mistreatment of women became a socially unacceptable phenomenon. As for the 20th century, the movement for the women rights, especially violence from the side of intimate family partners, was undoubtedly recognized as a legal way to protect them from various types of humiliation. …

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