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Project Management: Helping The Needy

The services provided by charity organizations are crucial in the contemporary society. Given the human struggle resulting in high poverty levels, suffering, and diseases among some people, it becomes necessary for charity organizations to step in and assist in making the lives of these people more bearable. These organizations provide networks of direct services to the people in need. They strengthen our communities, feed our hungry, care for our elderly, nurture our young, and shelter our homeless (Atan, et al., 2012). However, the quality of the services provided by most of these organizations is often compromised. For this reason, the empathy I have for the needy people motivated me to choosing a project that aims at improving the quality of life for the needy, especially those in the camps.

As the project manager of my team, I will organize my team members to mobilize adequate funds that would enable the success of our project. The project will involve approaching requesting two charity organizations for opportunities to visit two camps of refugees. We will request the management of the charity organizations to allow us go with some of its staff members for us to establish the quality of services offered. Other than observing and recommending on the quality of service offered by the charity organizations, we will also take some donation sourced from well-wishers and philanthropists to the camps.

Project goals

Making the needy people in the refugee camps happier or personally fulfilled by the services provided by charity organizations. Making the needy people in the refugee camps feel important and appreciate their lives. Making the charity organizations improve on the quality of services provided to the needy people in the refugee camps.

Project objectives

Creating awareness about the existence of the charity organizations and their purpose for the needy people in the refugee camps. Getting $500,000 worth of food staffs and other basic needs for daily upkeep to the needy people in the refugee camps. Making the charity organizations recognize the importance of quality management systems for the organizations to ensure the delivery of better services to the needy people in the camps.

In this context, our customers are the needy people in the camps, whose lives we intend to touch and improve. The primary stakeholders in the project are the charity organizations that we will approach and the well-wishers and philanthropists willing to fund our project. As the project manager, I decided to work with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and the American Himalayan Foundation. The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants is determined to helping newly arrived refugees find and furnish their apartments, enroll their children in schools, master the public transport systems, learn English, or find doctors where necessary in the United States. The American Himalayan Foundation helps the Nepalis, Sherpas, and the Tibetans living throughout the Himalayas in building schools, planting trees, training …

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