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Internal Environmental Analysis for Publix

Basically, the environment that a business operates on constitutes both the internal and external factors that affect the business either directly or indirectly. Essentially, these factors combine to form the internal and the external environment. Ideally, the internal environment of a business is made up of the entities, conditions, events and other related factors within the business or organization that affect the operations of the firm including the behaviors of the employees. As such these factors might consist of the mission statement of business, styles of leadership and the organizational or entrepreneurial culture.

Mission Statement

This paper presents the internal environmental analysis of Publix. Apparently, this will include the strengths and weaknesses of Publix including assessment of the resources that the business has. Furthermore, the paper will identify the essential internal environmental factors in the general, industry, and external analysis with regard to the internal analysis. Apart from the competitor analysis, there will be an assessment of the structure of Publix and its influence on the general performance of the company. Last but not least, the paper evaluates Publix’s competitive position and the possibility that the position provides.

Strengths and Weakness of Publix

Historically, Publix is recognized as one of the top ten largest volume supermarkets in the United States. Apart from having at least 152, 500 employees, the company is recognized for the relentless efforts in different aspects of the business such as the retail market, finances, management of customer relations and supply chain management among other related aspects both in the internal and the external environment (Wildman, & Griffith, 2015). Most importantly, the company is driven by the mission of being a premier retailer of food in the world. Essentially, Publix Strength is derived from various factors which include its reputation for both service and quality, the fundamental measures of operation, its location as far as growing population markets are concerned, weakened channel competition and motivated workforce.

To commence with the reputation for service and quality, from the time Publix was formed hitherto, the company has been consistently engaging in strategies that are geared towards customer satisfaction especially on the basis of service delivery (Wildman, & Griffith, 2015). Essentially, the company has created value which has also been a competitive advantage by making customer satisfaction their priority. As a result, Publix has earned an outstanding reputation for service and quality. In addition, Publix reputation has been boosted by its previous rankings by various financial analysts. For instance, the company was number 10 in the Forbes list of American’s Private Company in 2008. Also, it was ranked number 101 on the Fortune Magazine which the major criteria used in the ranking being the profit figures (Mujtaba, & Johnson, 2016). Besides the strong reputation, the fundamentals for operational measures have been a handy tool towards the success of the company. As such, they have measured better than the general growth, competition turns and the expenses involved in various operations.

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