Quality Assurance Activities Used In a Digital Radiography Department example

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Quality Assurance Activities Used In a Digital Radiography Department

Quality assurance activities are strategic and orderly activities that facilitate enough confidence that a digital radiography department offers consistently high quality images with least exposure of the patients and the radiographer. These activities differ among institutions. Accordingly, the essay discusses various quality assurance activities that are used in a digital radiography department in order to ensure high quality images are
produced while the patient and radiographer are protected.

One of the elements of quality assurance activities is assigning responsibilities. This is done to ensure certain parties have authority over the entire quality assurance program. They monitor, evaluate and come up with counteractive measures that are documented in the quality assurance manuals. The person in charge of the department is primarily responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the quality assurance program
(Coleman, 2016). The person in charge may also assign staff technologists, physicists, supervisory technicians or quality control technicians with the responsibility of implementing the quality assurance program if they have
the appropriate level of training with regards to quality assurance.

Another fundamental activity is the purchasing specifications for the new digital equipment. Before any purchase is made, the staff within the department should discuss the various desired specifications of interest (Scrivens, 2013). The availability of technicians with necessary expertise to operate the equipment should equally be considered before a purchase is made. These considerations should be appropriately documented (Spath,
2013). The installation procedure should include equipment evaluation procedure to certify that the purchase specifications meet regulatory requirements.

Evaluation of the digital radiography department is also a paramount activity in quality assurance. Monitoring procedures in generation of images should be used in evaluating whether the performance of the digital
equipment meets the set canons or corrective measures need to be put in place in order to ensure the images produced consistently meet the set standards of quality. Evaluation should also focus on the quality assurance
program too. This includes ongoing studies of the generated images, the examination of the digital equipment and the incurred cost of replacement and present complaints by radiologists and reasons for such (Abujudeh &
Bruno, 2012). These should be used to assess the need for improvement, corrective measures and their effectiveness.

Maintenance of records of the department is also essential. The records should include details of the outcome of monitoring techniques, challenges experienced, the corrective measures implemented to cater for these challenges and the efficiency of these measures (Spath, 2013). These records should be perceived as important tool for sustaining an effective quality assurance program and for future reference by other stakeholders.

Another important aspect of quality assurance activities …

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