Reflection on the Gratitude Letter example

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Reflection on the Gratitude Letter

Prompt 1. Who did you write your letter to? Why are you grateful for that person? When was the last time you expressed gratitude to that person?

At first, it was a question for me to pick the person to write to. But, thinking of gratitude, my friend David popped up. Last time I have seen him, was two years ago when I was traveling around on my motorcycle, and the clutch got broken. I was almost lost, desperate, with no money. David lives twenty miles away from the place where my bike broke and he is a mechanic, so I went to his place. Though it sounds simple and practical, I was in need to fix a motorcycle, but in addition, I spent four amazing days with my friend. He fixed my motorcycle, gave me a room in his house, his wife and kids were wonderful hosts. He is an extremely welcoming person, who cares about people. I am very grateful for his attitude and life credo. I am not only grateful for him, I am very proud of him. It is a feeling when you admire a friend, for being a person he is. Sadly, we communicate quite rarely, last time I wrote him, was a Birthday card last year. And I have a strong belief, that I do not pay enough attention to him and his family.

Prompt 2. What was it like to write this letter? Did you gain awareness of what you are truly grateful for? Did you gain awareness of how you express your gratitude?

To write this letter was a total bliss. I mean, it is a complicated process to express the feelings in a right way. I realized my moral responsibility to not be imposing, but to be honest. The feeling of warmth inside brought me back to David's house and I remembered how I had been having fun with his kids. It was very surprising that the awareness hit me during the process of writing the letter. I am grateful for David's skills and personal features. I am inspired by the personality and I am very grateful to know this person in my life. He did not do anything huge for me, he just was a real friend for me, when I got confused on the road. The time I spent with David gave me the understanding of the true family, friendship, mutual understanding, and reciprocity. Writing the letter, I tried to be consistent and compelling. My way of expressing gratitude to David was a determined desire to pay him back with the same. I invited him and his family to visit me. Their attitude to life stimulated me to be more attentive and kind to them, so writing the letter, I realized that it would be great to give them at least a small part of attention, care, and treatment. That is why I concentrated in a letter mostly on expressing my feeling and inviting him over.

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