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Research Paper about Censorship

Censorship involves the exercise of officially examining books, movies, internet sites, TV shows, newspapers, and other sources of information and suppressing dangerous parts that are not acceptable by the government or those in a commanding position. In this sense, it means that the public is limited to some information, as they are not allowed to access them. Censorship is prevalent in the political society where there is no democracy (Human Rights Watch). Some governments, for instance, block the public internet users from accessing politically sensitive information. An example of this is the practice of the ruling party of China. Communist Party of China (CPC) is responsible for implementing censorship in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Chinese government seeks to block Internet user’s access to administratively sensitive information by employing censorship through the internet content providers. Therefore, this paper gives the advantages and disadvantages of censorship and impact it has in the society.

This advantage includes matters dealing with security issues, discouraging incitements, discouraging a group from accessing certain legal information among others. Additionally, the disadvantages of censorship include violation of rights, limiting educational resources, encouraging social gaps, increasing expenses among others. The paper discusses the impact of censorship concerning the political issues in China.Censorship can be viewed as an ancient exercise by the modern society as it denies people from freely accessing useful information. Despite this, some governments and private companies or institutions still practice it. They only do this for their benefits and some other people like official government interests. For instance, the Chinese government has invested heavily on the internet censorship. They have done enormously for the interest of the ruling party to hide their deeds from the public (Brown). Censorship practice has its impacts. It means that the exercise has its disadvantages and advantages as well in today’s society. Primarily, we expect the government or the individuals who are for the practice to enjoy and be comfortable with censorship. Therefore, their pleasure is that it has a platform whereby nobody else accesses the information that do not want others to see. On the other hand, the censorship exercise is a restrictive factor to those who are not in agreement with it. It is because such people are not able to see or access the information they would like to.Censorship has more disadvantages compared to its benefits.

The benefits are usually infamous to the government or some influential people in it. The infamous advantages are as given.It protects the governments and interested parties from threats and inconveniences. Brown says in his article that the Chinese government has employed thousands of internet experts and technicians (Censors) to ensure that as little as possible information gets to the internet. The kind of information that is considered threatening and disadvantageous to the government operations are well surveyed and blocked from public access. For instance, as stated in the Josh Chin Journal, Sina, and other social media sites have gone …

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