Rhetorical Analysis of the Article by Mahiri and Sablo example

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Rhetorical Analysis of the Article by Mahiri and Sablo

The article under consideration is “Writing for Their Lives: The Non-School Literacy of California’s Urban African-American Youth”. It discusses the in-and out-of-school literacy practices of the African-American high school students in the two schools in San-Francisco Bay Area. In the article “Writing for Their Lives: The Non-School Literacy of California’s Urban African-American Youth” the authors use the rhetorical strategies in order to persuade the readers concerning the issue of discrepancy between the literacy practices of the young African-American students that can be mitigated and utilized to advance the in-school literacy practices, make them more aware about it and encourage them to work on it.

The situation the article dwells upon is that the young people, particularly of African-American origin, that due to different reasons are poorly motivated or unwilling to perform in academic literacy tasks, often engage in literacy practices out of school that appear to be crucial for them in resolving some everyday issues. However, these out-of-school practices are in the majority of cases neglected or unnoticed by educators and therefore they are not given any value and are not utilized effectively. This considerable gap between the academic and everyday literacy practices made the authors address this issue in the article in order to bridge those practices and make the education of African-American young students address their needs and consequently increase its effectiveness.

Touching upon the issue in education, the article under consideration is aimed for people working in the field of education. Thus, the audience of the paper is teachers working with African-American students, some other educators, the scholars examining this topic and possibly some social workers. As long as the article is purposed for the specific group of readers, it utilizes the terminology related to the field of education and sociology, however, the text may be easily processed by the readers unfamiliar with the terms as the authors present the considerable background on the issue with rather expanded explanations at the opening part of the article. Furthermore, as the article is written for the scientists and people engaged in teaching, the author establish the scientific rigor for their research providing the description of the whole process of the study including the design of the research, the procedures, participants and the data collected.

The structure of the article is well-developed. The text of the article is divided into sections each devoted to a separate part of the research, which is characteristic for the research article. The text is arranged this way because, firstly, it is rather long and the subsections make it easier to navigate the article, and secondly it makes the paper organized in accordance with the requirements for scientific writing. The transition between the subsections is gradual, which makes the flow of thought in the article look harmonic and related to one another: “Because the practices that are the focus of this research took place primarily in non-school or extracurricular settings, we needed a …

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