Law and Criminology Discussion Responses example

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Law and Criminology Discussion Responses

Response 1

The united states of Americas is an independent nation that is governed by a majority vote. Unfortunately, this kind of system gives a certain group of people full rights, privileges, and liberties, but alienates minorities. Minority groups have continued to suffer silently under the democratic rule until recently when most of these groups have raised concerns to the government collectively claiming for equal treatment under the doctrine of equal protection. African Americans are among those whose grievances have often been attended to after active advocacy efforts from the minority groups raising concerns and commanding fair treatment from the government as provided under the constitution in the doctrine of equality. It is unfortunate that many low-income groups especially African American populations have to make sacrifices in order to support their families. Every ten out of six African American adults have additional jobs in order to enable them pay off their mortgage debts, in the process, many of them accumulate high credit debt and stop paying for their pension funds.

Response 2

Most of the felony offenders are in fact victims of these social factors, and only act in defense or frustration, while they really never meant to commit murder, robbery, suicide, or any other act of felony. Therefore, rehabilitation is important is restructuring and correcting the pressure that socio-political and economic factors bestowed to the citizens, by making them realize that they can still make the difference and overcome the adversities of the social pressure and frustrations. Several social factors have often led to increased recidivism and thus the criminal offenders should effectively guide to live a crime-free lifestyle upon their release from prisons. The society is very biased in harshly judging the felony criminals as they are victimized and stigmatized in the society, even when the offenders have shown all the intentions and willingness to come back to the normalcy in the society. Therefore, rehabilitation is a deserved activity to all the felony offenders, irrespective of their records and the magnitude of their criminal activities. This is because the society is partly to blame for the most criminal activities that befall these offenders, and thus they deserve a second chance to be incorporated into the society. Everyone and not limited to these felony offenders, deserve a second chance in life, and this is mainly achieved through rehabilitation …

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