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Savannah, Georgia CHallenges and The Tendencies

Savannah is a modern city, which combines the industrial development with historical uniqueness and magnificence. It is culturally diversified, besides, its social structure and historic background influence those tendencies, which have lead Savannah throughout the years in all spheres of public life. These tendencies refer to different issues from shopping trends to the rates and main areas of crime and violence.

Considering shopping in Savannah, there are either big shopping malls or downtown stores functioning to provide the population with necessary goods. You can find different souvenirs and all kinds of Savannah goods in the River Street, while Broughton and Whitaker streets offer a great variety of modern boutiques (Welcome to Savannah). City market, a four-block market with art galleries, restaurants, clothing shops etc., has been Savannah’s main center since 1700s and still attracts tourists even though big shopping malls have emerged, such as Tanger Outlets, Oglethorpe and Savannah Malls, however, the last seem to be more up-to-date and trendy (Welcome to Savannah). Therefore, in Savannah the downtown area and “big box” stores share the responsibility of providing people with commercial goods and services.

Some tendencies of Savannah are much more serious than shopping, as soon as they reflect the increase in cases of homicides, rape and other deviant activities. Although Savannah is considered a peaceful place, the 2015 was the bloodiest year since 1991, as long as there were 53 homicides recorded (Drash, 2016). Generally, the number of violent crimes, including robberies, rape, murders etc. has slightly increased from 1067 in 2015 to 1077 in 2016, although it has stopped last year, which gives some hopes to maintain a friendlier social environment (Ray & Peebles, 2017). In spite of such possibility, these numbers show a rather negative and scary tendency for the general public.

As soon as Savannah hosts diverse cultures, races, and social classes, it is possible that the way each cultural group is treated in a social structure might have influenced various conflicts, which lead to increase in crime rates. In order to improve the situation, Savannah-Chantam police is implementing End Gun Violence Program, which aims to provide the community with a specific knowledge on how to resolve emerging conflicts, besides, they prevent the criminal gangs from spreading their authorities. These measures are applied against the specific social attitude regarding the violence as a way of protecting one’s interests, which could be a force for criminal actions.

The city is also residentially segregated, forming several urban ghetto areas. According to the researches, by year 2000 more than a half of the population of Savannah consisted of African Americans, besides, there were some representatives of Indian, Asian, Hispanic etc. (“Racial”). However, although there are certain areas, fully inhabited by people of the same racial and cultural origin, the ghetto areas are mostly characterized by rates of household income and level of education. These are usually low, so there is a number of discount stores and cheap convenience stores in such areas. The most ghetto one is probably …

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