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Savannah, Georgia City Reflection

Savannah is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in the world. It is considered the largest National Historic Landmark District and is widely known for its magnificent architecture, festivals and concerts, historic places of American Revolution and Civil War etc. (Savannah). The culture and history of Savannah are unique and offer lots of interesting facts and details on one’s disposal.

The city has gone through political, economic and cultural changes since the moment of its foundation. Its history began in 1733, when General James Oglethorpe discovered its grounds and created the 13th American colony Georgia, as well as the first planned city Savannah (Visit Savannah). After the American Revolution, the city had a period of rapid development, with slavery and plantations as the main source of gaining wealth, however, during the Civil War it was captured by Union soldiers and experienced economic losses. Only Savannah’s beauty saved the city from being completely destroyed, as it was presented to Abraham Lincoln as a Christmas gift (Visit Savannah). After the end of the War, the city was reconstructed and thrived, preserving the historic architecture with the help of Historic Savannah Foundation. Therefore, the history of the city outlines different periods of its development.

There are many places of interest, which make the city recognizable and attractive for tourists. These include Savannah squares, which are most commonly referred to as “crown jewels” of the city, Old Fort Jackson, which is honestly named so, as soon as it is the oldest fort in Georgia, The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Owens Thomas House, the birthplace of the Girls Scout founder – Juliette Gordon Lowe, and many other unique places (Official Savannah Guide). The city is also rich for museums, monuments, parks, theatres etc. These places make Savannah a special place with a peculiar inviting atmosphere.

Considering skyscrapers, Savannah has none of them. There are several high-rise buildings, however, the highest of them, called Stillwell Towers, has only 20 floors with the total height of 253 ft. (Emporis). Although it probably could be considered a skyscraper when it was built in 1972, nowadays such characteristics is given to those buildings, which exceed 40 floors. Therefore, Savannah cannot boast about having such superstructures.

There are several realms of Savannah, meeting needs of individuals, groups and the whole community of the city. There are either public schools, like Savannah Arts Academy, or parochial schools, such as St. Vincent’s Academy. Many public events take place here, such as Savanna Music Festival, Savanna Film Festival, performances in Lukas Theatre for the Arts etc. The sphere of health and recreation offers both individual services and public occasions, like sport contests, marathons etc. The economic sphere also includes the restructured private sector and the public one. Thus, the city life of Savannah is very diversified.

The whole Savannah city can be considered metropolitan, as soon as it is multicultural in nature. Since the time it was a colony and during the following historical periods, the population of the city …

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