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Savannah, Georgia City Report

Throughout the period of Savannah’s existence, it has changed from a small colony to a modern industrialized city. As the society moves on, new kinds of activities emerge and become diversified, all spheres of public life are thoroughly improved and modernized. In Savannah, such changes refer to public activities like sport, the system of neighborhoods, the processes of suburbanization and deterioration.

Savannah has gone through significant changes during the last century, which have led to its gentrification and a partial revitalization. Many plans have been implemented to improve the housing and neighborhoods. For instance, the 2015 was the year when Streetscape Plan was worked out to develop Waters Avenue (City of Savannah). The measures were applied towards improving the parking, landscape, sidewalks, crosswalks, gateways, lightning etc. The plan received large investments from the City and different entities, which comprised several million dollars. Therefore, such programs positively influence the city through different developmental activities, which stimulate its enhancement and force its gentrification.

The sport life in Savannah is quite diversified and developed, with various local clubs and organizations. The fields of sport activities include archery, baseball, basketball, cheer, cycling, disc golf, football, hockey, wrestling etc. (Savannah Sport Council). Actually, baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse gather the biggest number of local teams and are most popular among the Savannah youth. Considering baseball, it is most often played at Grayson Stadium, which is one of the oldest minor-league ballparks in America. Thus, sport life in Savannah offers many types of sports on one’s disposal, as well as a great number of teams and sport clubs.

Although the history of different sport activities in Savannah is quite long, there are hardly any long-term rivalries between the teams. While rivalry assumes a disdain for each other, the majority of teams maintain friendly relationships even when involved into a long-term competition, like Savannah State University football team and North Carolina Central University team (Savannah State University). In such light competitions are to become full of hate and disdain to be called rivalries, however, Savannah teams seem to have a lack of negative sport experience, thus dealing with each other in a friendly way.

The suburbanization has influenced the life of Savannah greatly, as soon as it has reshaped its structure, dividing the area into suburbs. These processes started in 1950s, when various subdivisions like Liberty City were transferred into neighborhoods, and the Abercorn Street was extended to the south (Savannah Now). Although Savannah was not mentioned among the edge cities by Garreau, many post suburban regions have emerged. The existence of shopping areas, uptown and specialized centers of activities prove, that Savannah refers to a post-suburb. Therefore, the city has been impacted by the suburbanization and experienced a set of specific changes.

The suburbanization has also influenced the distribution of population, based on group identifications, which results in creation of new urban areas, however, it does not seem to anyhow influence the central city. Although the representatives of different …

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