Self Reflection and "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult example

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To begin with, I had never loved my body before I have read the novel “My Sister’s Keeper” written by Jodi Picoult. To be honest, I have not considered this book as a novel about health at the beginning, but then it changes cardinally. Ann, the main heroine, who is just sixteen years old, tries to prevent her parents from taking her bone narrow and right kidney for her ill sister. She insists that she has a right to have a healthy body despite the fact that her sister may die if she refuses to help her. This case goes even to a trial.

Ann tells us how she feels and appreciates her body so expressive that I asked myself why I have never thought something about my wellness and healthy. Ann is ready to sue her parents for the right to have a healthy body whereas I do nothing to build up my physical strength and enjoy better and better health. When I was in the mountains last year, I noticed that the long climbing is the too hard thing for me, but I did nothing. I do not have cancer as Ann’s sister, and I should not be a donor, so there is no reason why not try to improve my wellness.

Sedentary lifestyle and convenience food are my enemies because I am a student, a lazy student. I managed to watch what I eat and change my schedule in order to have regular eating for a while, but it is not enough to climb the mountain without breathless and to be as proud of a healthy body as Ann does. I have perceived health as for grade and as something which should be neither bad nor excellent. In contrast to this, I am sure that health is my lender now. If I am a good citizen, who pays all taxes and never ignore the needs of my state, once my bank (health) will give me a hand when the time comes. Nobody knows when it may happen, so everybody should be ready and always be a “good citizen”. Lenders are strict but generous.

I get used to a proper diet and fixed schedule, so I am going to become a sporting man now. I did gymnastics more than eight years ago, but I think that my body still remembers that load and thereby will help me to build up my physical strength again. I have already revised my habits and lifestyle. I should give up working or studying at nights and leave worthless student activities to devote more time to a gym to strengthen every part of my body. I remember this phrase exquisite: “do you fix a wheel that isn't broken, or do you wait until the cart collapses?” (Picoult, 231). I also want to become a regular climber because this kind of activity is very intensive and passes in the fresh airs. I enjoy the moment when you are at the …

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