Maureen’s Problem Solving Skills example

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Maureen’s Problem Solving Skills

The short story “Bible” was written by Tobias Wolff. The short story has several characters ranging from Maureen or rather Mrs. Casey, Grace, Father, Hassan and his father among others. However, as the story flows, Maureen and Hassan’s father are the major characters defining the story line to the latter. The story involves Maureen being hijacked by unknown person which turn out to be Hassan’s father. The hijacker demands that she does not report the son to the father due to cheating in the exams. However, Maureen refuses to give in stating that she will still report. Maureen eventually asks the intruder if she will know she has not reported hence the intruder giving her the Bible to swear. The unfolding of the story depicts characters of the various actors in the story. For instance, Maureen makes decisions that are both good and bad in some manner hence discussed in the paper.

The decision tends to build and destroy her reputations in some manner hence the need to look into them.Maureen portrays good decision making in terms of problem solving when hijacked by the unknown person. She gives in to the demand of the hijacker as she knew nothing about him. She was not prepared for such hence she decided to play along. Along the way she learns about him slowly by slowly using the defensive techniques she had learned in a defense class. The tactics of giving in allowed her to know what the man intentions were, she never knew if she had a gun or any dangerous weapon hence she could not act swiftly. She took time to learn the intention of the man and what he had with him. Later, she realized the man was harmless with no weapon with him.

The guy was the father to Hassan, the student she had found cheating in exam. The decision taken by Maureen in understanding the hijacker proved worthy as they were able to come to some sort of concrete discussion hence agreement. This proved her best decision making skills that helped in making better and sane decisions.Maureen also made various good decisions in explaining to Hassan’s father the real fact over the academic ability of his son. For instance, the father wanted Hassan to be a doctor something the teacher thought and believed cannot happen. Hassan constantly cheated in the exams. Furthermore, he was lazy and could do nothing to improve his grades and work ethics. As a result Maureen ascertained that he was not good enough to make it to a medical school. In the book he sarcastically mocks the sentiments that were made by Hassan father asking him to have a look if the son can make it to a medical school. She even blankly tells him that he knows and Hassan knows the fact that he cannot make it to a medical school to study medicine.

The decision that she made was …

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