Service-Learning Team Project Individual Process Analysis example

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Service-Learning Team Project Individual Process Analysis

The organization that this project concentrates on is Pilipino Senior Resource Center. It was founded in 2006 in San Francisco, the United States. A year later, the organization expanded by contracting with Asian Prenatal Advocates (APA) to provide the Pilipinos hotline service. The rapid growth of the organization led to the extensive support of other organizations. For example, in 2008, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation funded PSRC to provide comprehensive breast cancer support under the name Filipina Breast Cancer Support Services Program. The main goal of the organization is to provide high-quality support to Filipino seniors with age above 60 as well as to Filipino Families that have a need in support due to economic and social problems.

The aim of this project is to analyze such organizational concepts as individual behavior, motivation, teamwork, communication, and leadership. After the analysis of the organizational concepts, the project indicates how these concepts were applied in our team projects. The paper discusses how communication and teamwork impacted the way the team worked together as well as with Pilipino Senior Resource Center. The conclusion of this paper includes such components as reflections about our experience and what we have learned about our ability to work effectively and manage the team. It also describes how the information that we have learned can be used to increase our personal and professional development. The conclusion also reflects on the social justice dimensions of our work.

The performance of the team shows that the process of applying the concept that this paper concentrates on is very important because it provides teams with the ability to increase the effectiveness of their work. We included more emphasis on motivation and leadership as these concepts can be defined as a foundation that leads to achieving a stable performance of teams. In the long-term stable performance contributes to the overall effectiveness of teams.

Individual Behavior

Individual behavior is very important part of the management process because it impacts the effectiveness of the efforts of a particular team (Schermerhorn 288). Every organization concentrates on the process of matching tasks effectively depending on the individual behavior of employees that works within a particular team. Managers should analyze the tasks in order to be able to determine the required skills and then create a team that presents all of the required skills. The effectiveness of this process completely depends on the qualification of the manager who takes the decision. That is why it is very important for managers to be able to understand the difference in individual behaviors. The Big Five personality traits describe the workplace individual differences which help managers to be more effective (Schermerhorn 296). The Big Five personality traits include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience (Schermerhorn 296). The employees who have all of the Big Five personality traits will be able to be more productive and avoid workplace conflicts.

There is also another concept that helps managers to evaluate the teams. This concept is called …

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