Sexually Transmitted Infections Interview example

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Sexually Transmitted Infections Interview

Josh: Hello Jane. Since now we have a closer relationship, do you think it is wise to get tested on sexually transmitted infections?

Jane: Well, I am sure that I have no infections. I was tested not long ago before and everything was fine.

Josh: Yeah, I understand. But the problem is that I have not seen your tests. Moreover, there are some infections which are not active at one period (when the immune system is strong), whereas they become active at the period when the immune system is weak. Thus, it is important to get checked regularly, say every half a year. When was the last time you got yourself checked?

Jane: I tell you, it was just before we started seeing each other. It was straight after I left my boyfriend and before I met you.

Josh: Okay, then it is better for us. I also got myself checked before I met you. But it was about 5 months ago. There is no problem for me to do the tests again. We can go to the doctor together and inquire about various infections and a complete test list.

Jane: Do you want to get tested on general sexually transmitted infections or the serious ones, like HIV and hepatitis? I am scared of those. I do not want to get tested on them.

Josh: Well, I am serious about my relations with you. At some point I would like to have sex with you without a condom. I want you to feel safe and for this I have to make sure that my health is under control. There is nothing scared about getting tested for HIV and hepatitis. I have already done it. But I want to do it again to show you that I am healthy, to make you feel safe with me and also to be more honest with you. I care about you and I care about your health. That is the only reason why I want us to get tested.

Jane: But I have never done it before. I have heard that these tests are often wrong. If the result is positive, one should redo the test one more time. It is really scary.

Josh: It happens indeed from what I know. But it is quite rare. I am sure that you are healthy and I am sure that you will feel much secure when you do the tests. We might have something which is not serious. But if we have it, we will simply take medicines. After getting all tests done, we can stop using contraceptives. I mean we can consider it.

Jane: And what is we have something serious?

Josh: If we have something serious, it is better to learn earlier about it. The earlier people learn that they HIV infected, the more chances they have to prolong their life. I know many cases when women …

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