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Smartphone Addiction

Just one day without a smartphone and, most importantly, internet connection can make the life of a modern person intolerable. Once the access to World Wide Web is lost, the permanent user immediately gets the feeling of loneliness and isolation from the world. Disappears the opportunity to check e-mail account for new mail, to visit profile page in the social network, to have a look at weather forecasts and to read the news feed. Therefore, nowadays, no one leaves their house without a charged smartphone. It is evident that social changes have profound impact on our lives, but current onmiconnectivity has become a serious issue that turned ordinary users into real addicts.

The dependence on information technology and social networks is considered acceptable in contrast to drug and alcohol addiction. Even if it is manifested mainly via fatigue, social consequences are worrying. Despite the fact that easy accessibility to the information and high connectivity with people from any part of the world, it seems that constant use of smartphones made people even more distant. This means that smartphone addicts are more distracted and less present in “social scenarios” (Leonard n.p.). Today, for example, it became common to see couples or groups of friends in the restaurants who spend their time stuck on the phone screens instead on natural live communication. According to the researchers from the University of Essex, people having a smartphone nearby while discussing serious issues with the partner said to have less trust in their companion and remarked general low quality of their relationships (Leonard n.p.). Moreover, they reported feeling less
empathy to their problems from the partners. Another research of the University of Maryland found that smartphone addiction tends to make user more selfish and consequently less engaged in “prosocial” behavior (Leonard n.p.). To understand this phenomenon, it would suffice to remember the popularity of “selfies”.
Furthermore, it is not surprising that real social connection with family and peers tends to degrade. Dr Zaheer Hussain from the University of Derby carried out a survey in which he asked 256 users of smartphones to
complete a survey. The results demonstrated that a quarter of the participants faced communicational problems in real life which means the decrease of time spent with family, friends and partners (“The Smartphone:
A 21St Century Addiction” n.p.). Moreover, smartphone addiction was also a reason for breakdowns when the user was unable to put the smartphone aside in order to communicate with the persona he was supposed to spend time with. Personal negative psychological effects were also confirmed – development of narcissism and neuroticism. If the former is not new given the popularity of Instagram, “likes”, and other internet trends,
neuroticism is demonstrated through irrational obsession and excessive anxiety (“The …

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