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Sociology Journal Entry

Chapter 1

Among the social sciences, sociology occupies an outstanding place as it is one of the main tools for the understanding of the modern world. Sociological thinking is the significant part of life because it can help to see the world from the various perspectives and to be able to stay open to the other people.

There are several basic concepts in sociology, which can be applied in everyday life and actions. They include such issues as the social construction, social order, agency and the structure, and the phenomenon of social change. The last one lays emphasis on the way the life of an individual transforms in the context of the large groups (Giddens, et al. 8). The proper understanding helps the individuals to be adapted to the changes.

The proper sociological thinking could not have developed without the contribution of the outstanding theorists of the past and present. The most well-known sociologists are August Comte, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx. There are also neglected founders, whose contribution was underestimated, such as W.E.B. Du Bois and Harriet Martineau (Giddens, et al. 12). The approaches, which can be helpful, include functionalism, symbolic interactionism, class conflict, feminist theory, and the others. Together, they help to understand the social life better.

Sociology works both on micro and macro levels (Giddens, et al. 18). In order to be able to use the proper social thinking to the real life situation, the individual should be able to apply the analysis on both levels. The proper development of the social conscience helps to stay objective in most of the situations in the society, which require investigation.

Overall, sociology is an applied science, which uses concepts, which are not only theoretical but can be used in almost every situation in the society. Sociological thinking is important as it helps to see the world in its different variations.

Chapter 2

Sociology is usually represented as a science but it should be always remembered that it is a specific kind of science. Sociology has its own concept of research because it is situated between the exact sciences and the humanities.

There are several basic concepts in the sociological research. The sociological research lays emphasis on the interference. Moreover, it should be ensured that the results from it can be achieved with the help of the different methods, and the conclusions can be uncertain (Giddens, et al. 25). This approach makes the sociological way of thinking open and available for the reflexivity.

The research process in sociology should be structured and consists of the several stages. They include the definition of a problem, review of the literature, developing the hypothesis, creating the design, making research, results from interpretation, and reporting the findings (Giddens, et al. 26). Following these steps help to achieve the new finding and results during the studying of the certain issue.

The proper creation and answering of the sociological questions in the historical context are mostly represented by the Chicago school. The most outstanding figures, in this …

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