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Sociology Reflective Essay

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Experience 3

Economic Support 4

Social Aspect 4

Political Environment 5

Structure, Purposes, and Results 6

Conclusion 7


‘Work for the Dole’ is aimed at providing unemployed people with welfare money from the government with paid work. People who have not had any job for more than 8 months have to partake in ‘Work for the Dole’ in order to learn new skills and serve the community (Farnsworth 1997). Working for the program for 14 days, I have managed to distinguish the general outlook of the people that return to the organization. At the same time, the observation of the unemployed, their treatment, the offered work, and outcomes defined the negative results of the program. However, the reasons of the negative results are not clear that requires the legislative, social, and psychological multipliers that may have influenced the outcomes of the program.

II. Experience

Working at the informative board, I managed to see how many people return for getting the support from the program. At the same time, there were defined two categories of people who returned for the employment as the formal application and did not ever tried to get money from the company. The other group was the people with the last opportunity to work with the great need for money. At the same time, the most of people were not satisfied with the conditions of the program, the employment, and payment. However, holding the informative position, I have not received any other information concerning the employment and other conditions connected to it. The introductory information for the employment addressed the general idea of the program, its purposes, and history. At the same time, the statistics concerning the relevance of the program was not provided. The responses from the program’s staff were not received because of the focus on the personal positions’ instructions and responsibilities without considering the mechanism of the program as an indivisible mechanism. As a result, the obvious information concerning the program and its result was not received within the practice. As a result, there was the need to receive the additional information concerning the program and its appeals to the needs of the people with the help of the legislative and social multipliers.

III. Economic Support

The main idea of the program is to provide the unemployed to earn the money from temporary work and help in the further employment. If the temporary work is available, the idea of the fulltime employment is not implemented within the …

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